Saturday, December 31, 2011

Haaaloo-Goodbye :)

long time no write yaaa...
today is 31th of December, the end of 2011, and i just wanna share to u guys, a little bit story about what i did/got in the last couples month :)

went to puncak on November, 18-20 for Retreat and at the final of the event are; i've been choosen to be a new leadher of PPGT (Persekutuan Pemuda Gereja Toraja) Eben Haezer.... suprised?? did i!!! ha ha ha :D
same as the theme of our Retreat "We are the choosen" so people told me that i've been choosen by God, so..i take this responsibility by the name of God. :)

*left to rigt: ka restu,  rian, gerry
winda, me, dewi
the new team :)

the old team vs new team :p

friend of mine, Olivia Rora had a wedding Party on 17 December,
so she asked me and the other friends for being "penerima tamu" on her wedding, so we answered "YA". and...guess what we wore on that day?? yaa...we were wore a Toraja's traditional dress, YEAY!!!

it's meeeeee....yeay!
and i love the make up 

*left-right: vania, dewi, edwinda, me and rachel 
we were all in Toraja's Traditional dress!!! 

here's some euphoria of i and my family in the time of waiting the Christmas day :)

while mom and i decorating the christmas tree, 
luna-our dog is watching :p's our Christmas Tree :) family felt that the decorated of our tree are not eye catching,
so we decided to re-decorate the tree... and here's our new decoration
and we more ♡ the new one...

"Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree,
of all the trees most lovely..."

thanx Jesus for everything that You Give, Gave, Given
for everything that happened to me
thanx, thanx, thanx and thanx :)

so people...i just wanna say

*goodbye 2011

#nowplaying O come, O come, Emanuel by. Belle and Sebastian

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Live your life and forget your age." 
-Norman Vincent Peale-

Friday, July 8, 2011


membaca sebuah majalah yang disediakan dalam sebuah kedai kopi dan mendapatkan sebaris kutipan seperti dibawah ini:

wow. itupun juga yang ingin sekali saya lakukan dalam hidup saya. berkeliling melihat keindahan dunia. 
tapi...liburan macam apa yang bisa saya dapatkan dari seorang pengangguran seperti saya?? tinggal drumah sepanjang masa??? itu juga merupakan bagian dari berlibur bukan??? tapi yang benar saja... bukan liburan seperti itu yang dimaksudkan disini.
well...saya akan berusaha mendapatkan sebuah pekerjaan. menabung sebagian dari gaji saya, menikmati hasil dari gaji dengan mengelilingi sudut-sudut kota yang ada didunia ini satu-persatu. ooohhh....itu salah-satu impian saya :)

With someone or by my self, I have to see all the place in this planet. 
-Winda Surikirana-

dreaming - Blondie  #nowplaying

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

. . .

"I was so stupid to think for a moment you actually cared."

01.17 a.m
mata saya menyapu pada layar komputer
dan menemukan kalimat itu pada timeline twitter
seketika saya tertawa, lebih tepatnya menertawai diri sendiri. kalimat tersebut seolah-olah berteriak untuk mewakili isi hati saya.

i wanna grow old with you - adam sandler  #nowplaying

Sunday, June 26, 2011

i wish i could

i am 23 going to 24 years old girl, 
i can't swim
i can't dance *actually i can, but with my own way :D
i can't sing as well as people sing
i can't drive a motorcycle / car
and i can't...
hhhmmmm...I think many moreeeee 'I can't'  :p
i'm going to learn them one by one.
i'm going to learn how to swim...
yaaa....i have a plan to take a swim class.
i really hope that i can swim asap.
and...about dance, i love TAP DANCE very mucho
so..i wish i can do a tap dance with take the class too...
about singing...hhmmm i don't really care. ahahahhaha *negative

someday, i'm gonna do this by my self
*on my last snorkeling i asked my friend to be my guide xoxoxo

 Tap Dance
tap tap tap tap tap tap :)

*Self - Lalui dengan senyuman #nowplaying

Friday, June 24, 2011


i've got nothing to do when i started writing here...
my eyes just sweeping to the screen on my laptop for the last couple hours
and still...i got NOTHING. 
take the helmet that papa got from his office and put it into my head. and suddenly, turned on the photobooth on pepey* (red: named of my laptop) and took some picture of me.
See...i think i'm going to crazy this time, yaaa. 
oohhhh.....what's goin' on with meeeeeee!!!! 


the best of blondie album #nowplaying

Thursday, June 23, 2011

what i've made

a wedding invitation
for Imelda and Sandi
designed with Toraja ethnic pattern

Training Certificate
for 'Gereja Toraja - Eben Haezer'
*pssst....i designed this certificate with the wrong motive

I designed this birthday invitation
for my lil' cousin - Dira