Sunday, June 26, 2011

i wish i could

i am 23 going to 24 years old girl, 
i can't swim
i can't dance *actually i can, but with my own way :D
i can't sing as well as people sing
i can't drive a motorcycle / car
and i can't...
hhhmmmm...I think many moreeeee 'I can't'  :p
i'm going to learn them one by one.
i'm going to learn how to swim...
yaaa....i have a plan to take a swim class.
i really hope that i can swim asap.
and...about dance, i love TAP DANCE very mucho
so..i wish i can do a tap dance with take the class too...
about singing...hhmmm i don't really care. ahahahhaha *negative

someday, i'm gonna do this by my self
*on my last snorkeling i asked my friend to be my guide xoxoxo

 Tap Dance
tap tap tap tap tap tap :)

*Self - Lalui dengan senyuman #nowplaying


  1. I'm 24, and will be 25 by December. And what I want is... I can.... have a fiance by December! LOL *Amen* :D

  2. ahahahhahaha.....ouccchhh daylah my dearrr...
    aku pikir maunya a husband not a fiance :p

  3. fiance dl, br husband. :p
    smoga dikasih jalan sm Yang Di Atas. Amiin.. o:-)

  4. asiikkk....berarti daylah tunangan dulu nih yaaaaaaaa!!! amiiinnnn....amiinnnnn daylah my dear.