Monday, August 23, 2010

Tidung Island

it was a short trip... 
but it becomes a never-ending memories and never-ending pleasure!!!
love it and love them :)
@Tidung Island, Juli - August 2010

at the vessel, 
we're ready to capcusssss to Tidung Island
Wooohooooo ^__^

we were ready to go snorkling beautiful yaaa...
*the sea and us too :p

many thanx to arie lontonk my dear,
berkat anda saya berani menceburkan diri kelaut!!!
akhirnya saya merasakan juga yang namanya snorkling, AAYEAY!!!

met with blue Patrick,
but without spongebob :p

sunbathing at the vessel successed makes my skin more tan,
my face such as a tomato, ahhahahhaa!!!

mengejar matahari,
tapi tetep ketinggalan :p

Bbq time  :)

cycling in the morning...
more healty, less polution :)

banana boat for the first time (for me :D)

we are so so so...enjoooy the time!!!

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